cajun microwave


Leave it to the Cajun people to develop another fun, unique way to cook outdoors. That's how the Cajun Microwave came about. The Cajun Microwave is a wooden charcoal-heated box used for cooking meats outdoors. The one I build is made of thick, deck boards,but you can use any type of wood you would like,(cypress, oak, fir,etc). The inside of the box is lined with 29 gauge metal. The firebox is constructed of heavy gauge metals for years of trouble free use. It has two used horseshoes for the handles, (my signature touch). The hot charcoal and wood mix radiates heat down throughout the box and cooks the meat inside. Since you have the meat on the inside, and the fire on top, you can leave the food in it longer. This makes it more juicy, tender, and flavorful, without having the dangerous toxins you can get with cooking over a barbeque fire. As a plus,you won't have to take a chance of burning the food. For more info email has been visited 6267 times.

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